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With its iconic snow-capped peak, majestic Mt. Fuji has long captivated the imagination of Japanese and foreign visitors alike.

Because of its immense popularity, experiencing Japan’s highest mountain can also mean contending with massive crowds, especially during the peak tourist seasons.

That’s why many travelers are opting for private tours to Mt. Fuji from Tokyo.

A private tour allows you to sidestep the crowds and explore Fuji-san on your own terms. Your personal guide can pick you up at your Tokyo hotel and ensure you make the most of your visit with less waiting and more sightseeing.

Your guide will know all the best sightseeing spots but you can always customize your private day trip to see the mountain from other iconic spots. All without rushing or worrying about train connections.

Gaze up at that dramatic summit from Lake Kawaguchi, review hiking options that fit your ability, or snap photos during Fuji Five Lakes stops—all accompanied by tailored insight and transport. A private Mt. Fuji tour out of Tokyo makes getting to know Japan’s beloved peak possible on your own schedule.

In this blog post, I’ll outline the benefits of a private Fuji tour from the capital and provide tips for planning your perfect customized trip to this legendary mountain. From ideal seasons and routes to packing essentials, my guide to private Fuji experiences aims to help you create lasting memories of magnificent Mt. Fuji.

With an abundance of private tours available it can be hard to decide which tour to take.

Here we have some of the best private Mt. Fuji tours on the market so your visit can be perfect.

Mount Fuji

Additional costs – What you need to know

No matter which tour you book, some things are never included. Here is an overview of the most important ones:

  • Entrance fees for sights/attractions
  • Lunch
  • When visiting a Mt. Fuji 5th station you will also need to pay a Mt. Fuji entrance fee of 2100 JPY

Most of these tours have a duration of 10 or 11 hours. Only a few tour operators explicitly state how much they will charge if your trip takes longer. We recommend that you inquire about overtime charges if you are planning a long excursion. In addition to the above some tours also charge for extras like infant seats.

Best private Mt Fuji tours from Tokyo

Tour 1: 10-hour Fuji Area, Kamakura Private Car Charter from Tokyo

304 reviews

$ : 367 USD

48hrs notice for cancellation

/ Booked on Klook

This 10-hour private car charter tour can be booked on Klook and offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the Mt. Fuji area, especially if you’re traveling with a group of friends or family.

The driver can conveniently pick you up from any location within the Tokyo 23 wards with a 6-seater or 9-seater vehicle from where he will take your group to the Fuji area.

This tour takes away the hassle of deciding which locations to visit, as it provides 6 thoughtfully planned itineraries for you to choose from. The drivers know the region well and will adjust the route if necessary based on the weather or traffic. They can also make recommendations for good restaurants to avoid the touristy options common in the area.


The itineraries include popular sights such as the Arakura Sengen Shrine, Lake Kawaguchi, and Mt. Fuji 5th stations, as well as less popular options such as the Wind and Ice Caves.

And this is of course only a selection of all the sights of the different tours.


The tours are conducted in modern, spacious, and comfortable 6-seater or 9-seater vehicles.

1 child seat is included at no extra cost and any further child seats for ¥2000 each. (according to Japanese law child seats are required for children aged 0 to 4)

There is also a luggage allowance provided which can be useful for larger groups or those traveling with children.


The tour operator can be contacted in English and Japanese. 2 days before the trip they will get in touch through Line, WeChat, or mail to arrange the final aspects of your tour.

The drivers have a basic knowledge of English.

It is also great for families who may require the use of a child seat and have more baggage than individuals.


Prices start at 368 USD for a 6-seater vehicle and 409 USD for a 9-seater.

Check prices and availability:

Heiwa No Torii
Heiwa No Torii, the floating Torii gate of the Hakone Jinja Shrine

Tour 2: Private Sightseeing To Mount Fuji and Hakone guide photographer

985 reviews

$ : 502 USD

24hrs notice for cancellation

/ Booked on Viator

This private tour can be booked on Viator.

It offers some suggested itineraries that cover the best sights in the Fuji area, such as Lake Ashi, Mt. Fuji 5th Station, and more.

Groups of up to 12 people can book this tour. Depending on the size of the group, a commuter van or minivan will pick you up at around 8.30 AM to head off to Mt. Fuji.

However, since it is a private tour, it can be fully customized according to your preferences. You will have your driver, who also serves as a guide, available for approximately 10 hours and can adjust the route as desired.

You can ask for another pick-up time, agree on a meeting point, and see as much or as little as you like.


From visiting a Mt. Fuji 5th station to riding the Kachi Kachi ropeway, the itinerary is flexible and can be completely customized. The only restriction is that you are asked to spend the whole day in the Fuji 5 Lakes or the Hakone region.

A fair request because if you were to combine the 2 regions you would spend far too much time on the road leaving hardly any time to visit the impressive sights.


Your driver will also be your tour guide. He/She knows the area like the back of his hand and masters English very well. He can tell you more about the region, the places you visit and help you plan a successful trip.


This private tour is available for parties of up to 12 and the transportation used is wheelchair and stroller accessible.

If your group consists of a maximum of 5 people, a mini-van will be used, otherwise a commuter van.

Child seats are available, although it is not clear if there are any additional costs.


The tour is available in either a 6-seater vehicle for 502 USD or a commuter van for 984 USD.

Check prices and availability:

This is an iconic view of Mt. Fuji

Tour 3: Private Car Tourto Mt. Fuji Lake Kawaguchiko or Hakone Lake Ashi

243 reviews

$ : 1147 USD

24hrs notice for cancellation

/ Booked on Viator

Discover the finest viewpoints on this 10-11 hour hassle-free private tour from Tokyo. You have the option to explore either the Fuji Five Lakes area or spend a day in Hakone.

You can sit back and relax as your guide takes you to all the best sights or you can customize the tour with items on your wish list.

Tour guides are available in several languages including English, French, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese.

Pickup and drop-off at any location within Tokyo 23 wards (including Tokyo Disney) is included. You can also be picked up outside this region, but this will be charged as extra time.


If you decide to head to the Fuji 5 Lakes region you can visit iconic sites like Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Sai, Arakurasengen Park, and the fifth station. Alternatively, with the Hakone option, you can enjoy hot springs, taste the famous Owakudani black eggs, and take a scenic cruise on Lake Ashi.

Your guide is able to create a personalized itinerary to best suit your interests.


The tour is offered in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Russian, catering to a wide range of customers.


An air-conditioned minivan that accommodates groups of up to 8 people.

Infant seats are available and the transportation is wheelchair and stroller accessible.


Prices start at 1147 USD for a full 10 – 11 hr day.

Check prices and availability:

Oshino Hakkai Village

Tour 4: 1-Day Private Mt Fuji Tour (Charter) – English Speaking Driver

377 reviews

$ : 454 USD

24hrs notice for cancellation

/ Booked on Viator

During this 10-hour private tour, you will explore Mt. Fuji and the Lake Kawaguchiko region.

This operator proposes 1 route but it is fully customizable. In the proposed itinerary the driver will pick you up at your hotel at 8 AM and will take you on a thrilling tour of the Fuji 5 Lakes region.

If you choose to customize the route, you can use the driver’s services for 10 hours. After that, you pay a supplement for every additional half hour.

Pick-up and drop-off in Tokyo’s 23 wards is included, there’s a surcharge for other locations.


The proposed itinerary takes guests to Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchiko, Oshino Hakkai, and the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen Shrine.

There’s also an optional stop at the Gotemba Premium Outlets, one of the largest and most popular outlet malls in Japan, perfect for finishing the day with a bit of shopping.

All of the stops, including the shopping stop at the Gotemba Outlets, feature amazing views of Mt. Fuji.


Small groups of up to 5 people can choose from a normal or luxury car. There’s a minivan and a commuter van for larger groups of up to 13 people.

All vehicles are equipped with free WiFi routers to stay connected on the go.

Wheelchairs and strollers are welcome and there’s 1 infant seat available per vehicle.


The driver doubles as your tour guide and speaks both Japanese and English.


Prices start at 454 USD for a 4-seat vehicle. For the commuter van, which seats 13 guests, you pay 498 USD.

Surcharges for pick-ups outside Tokyo’s 23 wards range between 33 USD and 134 USD. Overtime charges are 17 USD for each 30 minutes.

Check prices and availability:

The Hakone Ropeway over Owakudani Valley
The ropeway crosses the Owakudani valley

Tour 5: Mount Fuji: Full-Day Tour with Private Van

18 reviews

$ : 725 USD

24hrs notice for cancellation

/ Booked on GetYourGuide

This 10-hour private tour can be found on GetYourGuide. The tour operator proposes a route that combines sights in the Fuji 5 Lakes region with sights in Hakone and a lunch stop in Gotemba.

Since this is a private tour, you can customize it to your liking.

The drivers speak basic English and the van used can accommodate up to 9 guests. Pick-up and drop-off in Tokyo’s 23 wards is included


The proposed itinerary includes stops at the Mt. Fuji visitor center and Oshino Hakkai village before heading to the Gotemba Outlets for lunch.

The afternoon is spent in the Hakone area where you dip in the onsen, take a cruise on Lake Ashi, and see the volcanic Owakudani Valley.


The tour operator uses a minivan that can accommodate groups of up to 9 people.


The tour can be conducted in Japanese, Chinese, or basic English. Due to the limited English, the driver cannot act as a guide but his knowledge is sufficient to discuss the route of the tour and to give restaurant suggestions.


Prices start at 725 USD.

Check prices and availability:

The Gotemba Premium outlets with Mt. Fuji in the backdrop

Tour 6: Private Car Mt. Fuji and Gotemba outlet in one day from Tokyo

34 reviews

$ : 1112 USD

24hrs notice for cancellation

/ Booked on Viator

This 10-11 hour private tour can take you and 8 friends or family members for an amazing day at Mt. Fuji. The tour operator lists 26 sights in the Mt. Fuji 5 lakes region. Typically you can visit 4-6 of them on a single day.

Hotel pick-up and drop-off within Tokyo are included.

You will be provided with both a driver and a guide. Only if you’re a group of 9 will you only get a driver.


The list of sights in the Fuji 5 Lakes region is extensive. There are iconic locations such as the Chureito Pagoda and Oshino Hakkai, but also many lesser-known places such as the ice, wind, and bat caves and Aokigahara Forest.

You can choose from this list yourself or have the tour operator advise you.


This tour suits up to 9 people.

Child seats are available if necessary and the tour van is wheelchair and stroller accessible. The van is air-conditioned and a DVD player is provided to pass the time en route to and from Mt. Fuji.


On your tour you will be accompanied by both a driver and guide. English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and French-speaking guides are available.

However, it is important to note that if your group consists of 9 people there will be no room for the guide. In that case there will only be the driver who may not speak much English.


Prices for this tour start at 1112 USD.

Check prices and availability:

Mt. Fuji seen from Lake Kawaguchiko


This blog post outlines 6 different private tour options for seeing Mt. Fuji and its stunning surrounding regions from Tokyo. Whether you opt for a tour of the iconic Fuji Five Lakes area or the rugged natural beauty of Hakone, traveling by private transportation allows for maximum efficiency.

Without crowds or public transport timetables to worry about, your custom Mt. Fuji itinerary can be personalized to match your exact interests and activity levels. Stops to overlook the mountain, short hikes through forests, some quality time in the onsen—all can be incorporated with ease.

Enjoy your tour.

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