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The Hakone Shrine is also known as Hakone-jinja. It is an ancient and revered Shinto shrine located on the banks of Lake Ashi in Hakone.

The Shrine is best known for its very photogenic torii gate that stands majestically right on the waterfront. This gate used to mark the entrance for visitors who came to the temple complex by boat. Today it mainly serves as a place for selfies.

Heiwa No Torii

Situated at the foot of Mount Hakone and overlooking the stunning Lake Ashi, this shrine holds both historical and spiritual significance.

The shrine dates back to 757 although it was not erected at its current location back then. The original shrine was at the peak of Mount Komagatake, It was not until 1667 that this shrine was built on the shores of the lake.

Even though the impressive Torii gate is right on the water’s edge, the sanctuary itself is located a little further away, hidden among the trees. A path with a few sets of stairs and 2 more iconic Torii gates leads you to it.

The shrine complex is composed of several buildings, all in the typical vibrant red vermillion paint and each with its unique purpose. The main building, called Honden, is an elegant structure adorned with intricate woodwork.

In another building you will find the Treasure Museum (homotsuden) where a collection of important cultural heritage from the region is on display. You can see, among other things, a statue of the founder of the Shrine.

The shrine is surrounded by towering cedar trees, some of which are over 800 years old. A few have been decorated with a sacred straw rope and one of them is known as the Baby Wishing tree. A tree where you come to pray for a safe successful birth.

Although the immediate environment of the Honden is usually very busy the shrine grounds also know many tranquil pathways where visitors can find secluded spots for meditation or contemplation.

In addition to its religious and historical importance, the Hakone Shrine is also a place of celebration. The big festival takes place every year on August 1 and smaller festivals are also organized every month on the first of the month.

The annual festival coincides with the Hakone Summer Festival (Ashinoko Kosui Matsuri). A large multi-day event including parades of traditional boats and fireworks.

Visitors queueing for a selfie in front of the Peace Torii gate


The Hakone Shrine can be visited for free. The entrance fee for the Hakone Treasure Hall is 500 JPY. (300 JPY for children)

There is a discount for Hakone Freepass holders. (adults: 400 JPY, children 150 JPY)

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Getting There

The Hakone Shrine is a short walk from the Moto-Hakone boat pier, the stop of the Hakone Pirate Ship cruise.

You can also ride the Hakone Tozan Bus. 3 buses stop here:

  • Bus K: Hakone Kyukaido Line
  • Bus H: Hakonemachi Line
  • Bus R: Hakone Shindo Line

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